meat number 5





meat number 5 is totally on hiatus, but ropesack is now restoring honor in mike videogames with a methodical grassroots fresh-thinking business approach and re-contextualized content-based solutions. peace
we are playing a 3 song set next wednesday at leaders:

we are rocking a set at the elder tree stage at west fest july 8th.

luke apparatus of opus institute and maestro chroma is taking over this youth-oriented stage hardcore and is packing the shit out of it with all kinds of stuff.  music, arts and b-boy workshops for kids during the day and then a nice looking line up of local acts both nights from 6-10.  peep the full lineup at the event page, we have the 7:30-8 slot on saturday the 7th.  -------------------->ahAH




joel from SYFFAL/shut your fucking face and listen gave us a high quality album review as only he could do:
our new album is complete and available to download at
thanks to everyone who came out to the release party last night.  remix album coming in the spring.
luke from the old black gate studios put together a pretty sweet looking bill for this event on the 23rd.  buck buck.